The King of a Hundred Hearts

“"I don’t understand how awareness campaigns led to the death of that boy."
Seriously? Did you listen to ANY Autistic yesterday?

Awareness is not the same as acceptance. This “awareness” campaign is not something we asked for, nor do we want. “Awareness,” as interpreted by A$ and Light it up Blue, makes things much more dangerous for us. Are you aware that whole campaign yesterday was led by the organization which released a video in which their then-Vice President said she wanted to kill herself and her Autistic child, IN FRONT OF HER CHILD? What do you think happens when organizations which are supposed to be leaders in the “autism community” make statements like that to parents? Or release video after video about how autism will destroy their lives?

Another example. In 1996 Charles-Antoine Blais was drowned by his mother, Danielle. The Quebec Autism Society rallied to her defense, holding demonstrations and protests. Parents, like the ones in yesterday’s awareness campaign, showered Blais with letters of support. About how understandable it was to want to murder your Autistic child, because they’re such a burden, and autism is so terrible.

She got off with community service, and then was hired to work with parents of Autistic kids, because she was such a great role model for parents.

This is what your fearmongering brings, your 1 in 88, your “more children than cancer, AIDS, and diabetes combined.” Your “awareness” of what a terrible epidemic this is, and posturing us as diseased, broken, unwanted burdens. You create this climate that we have to live in.

And you won’t stop no matter how many of us tell you it’s killing us.

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